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LED products!


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LED Backlit illuminated bathroom mirrors.

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Guestroom Framed Mirrors.


Illuminated LED products are a sure way to create a stunning ambience, night or day.

An illuminated bathroom mirror is simply a traditional glass
mirror that combines sleek design with state of the art functionality, using powerful low energy lighting from behind the mirror. Our Led designer mirrors are noise
free, low energy and will last a lifetime. All of our illuminated bathroom mirrors are easy to fit with full fitting instructions. An illuminated bathroom mirror offers a way to instantly light up a room to create the ultimate bathing experience. The darkest of bathrooms can be lifted into a soft and sumptuous haven with a luxurious illuminated bathroom mirror. What's more, our designer illuminated mirrors offer a distinctive touch to any bathroom. Illuminated bathroom mirror is an exclusive accessory that augments the daily dressing experience. Additionally it can be used to reflect the mood and style of the overall bathroom setting. Light up your bathroom with a modern timeless fixture that not only de-clutters your bathroom but provides forward lighting. Why worry about vanity lighting for your mirror when you mirror can be your vanity light? Lighted mirrors are an exciting trend in modern bathroom lighting that brings minimalism to a whole new level. Bathroom mirror light fixtures combine your lighting and mirror in one for a sleek, contemporary look. We will provide value to our customers through product quality, aesthetics, technology, price, deliverability and customer service.


Backlit mirror & Electric mirror
The factories on our supplier list of raw materials,
from which we source all electric components of backlit mirrors,
should be in accordance with UL,CE,TUV,PSE,SAA,IP54,RoHs standards.
We implement standarized operations to ensure the product quality
reliability to the greatest extent.